Répertoire de l’autonomie collective

Le Répertoire est le bottin réunissant tous les groupes que nous avons contactés et dont la forme organisationnelle s’apparente à de l’autogestion ou à ce qu’on a nommé « l’autonomie collective ». Les principaux critères utilisés afin de déterminer si un groupe possède un fonctionnement autogéré sont : une prise de décision horizontale et consensuelle basée sur la démocratie directe et/ou participative. Les coordonnées de chacun des collectifs accompagnent la description de ces derniers ainsi que les sigles correspondant aux caractéristiques qu’ils s’attribuent. À noter que tous les groupes présents ont approuvé la totalité des propos rapportés et que ce sont eux qui ont la responsabilité de nous contacter si des mises à jour doivent être apportées.

Si vous appartenez à un groupe (ou connaissez un groupe) qui aurait sa place dans le répertoire de l'autonomie collective, n'hésitez pas à attirer notre attention! Vous pouvez communiquer avec nous via ce formulaire.

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Collective Autonomy Directory

The directory is a repertory of all the groups we contacted who are organized along the lines of self-management or what is called “collective autonomy”. The chief criterion used to determine if a group is self-managed is horizontal and consensual decision-making based on direct and/or participatory democracy. A description of each collective is provided along with contact information and symbols identifying the characteristics used by the group to define itself. All groups included in the directory have approved what is said here about them and they have the responsibility to contact us if updates are needed.

If you belong to (or know of) a group that ought to be included in the Collective Autonomy Directory, don’t hesitate to let us know! You can use this form to contact us.

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À bâbord ! (Starboard!)

03 October 2010
Based in Montreal, distributed throughout Quebec (as far as possible).

À bâbord ! is an independent, bimonthly, non-profit publication founded in September 2003. An autonomous review of critical information and political and social debate, À Babord is edited in Quebec by activists, independent journalists, professors, students and “non-status” people of all types and backgrounds. The review aims to provide information on political, social and cultural topics, as well as offer an open space for debate on issues important to today’s left. It is distributed throughout Quebec in newsstands and by subscription.

Contacts :
PO Box 67, Station “C”,
Montreal   (Quebec)  H2L 4S7
Telephone: (514) 272-3153 or (514) 523-6928
Fax: (514) 272-3153

Ainsi squattent-elles! (Thus they squat!)

03 October 2010
Quebec City

This collective produces a radio show on CKIA 88.3 FM. The objective of the show is to allow women to speak for themselves as women, to demystify the anti-authoritarian movement (anarchy, social ecology, coloured people’s feminism, etc.) and to make different social struggles, as well as women artists, known. Combining theoretical analysis with interviews from the ground, Ainsi squattent-elles presents pieces on self-care, poetry readings, and experiences of self-organization here and elsewhere.

Alcan’t in India

03 October 2010
Montreal / India

Alcan’t India is a Montreal-based collective which supports people living in the Kashipur area of India in their struggle to maintain control over the development of their lands and resources. Since 1994, the people of Kashipur have struggled to block construction of a bauxite mine and an aluminum refinery, advanced by, among others, the Canadian company ALCAN. Alcan’t India promotes the wishes and concerns of the people of Kashipur to ALCAN and the public in general.

Anti Racist Action (ARA) - Quebec City

13 August 2010

The Quebec City chapter of Anti-Racist Action gathers information on fascist/neo-Nazi/sexist/ homophobic individuals and groups with the aim of having a presence at their public events. ARA-Quebec also engages in anti-sectarian defence of other anti-fascist groups and individuals. In addition to this front-line work, ARA-Quebec has already produced several publications and occasionally organizes anti-racist concerts.


Contact: araquebec@gmail.com

Anti-Racist Action (ARA) - Montreal

03 October 2010

An anti-sectarian collective that mostly works against racism, but also against all forms of discrimination. It aims to act as an information network on fascist and neo-Nazi movements. The collective attempts to boycott neo-Nazi spaces and events in order to destroy their visibility and opportunities for recruitment. The Montreal collective specifically opposes Israeli colonization (by the state of Israel) of Palestinian lands and the apartheid it has created.

Block the Empire - Montreal

03 October 2010

Block the Empire – Montreal is a direct action collective opposed to war and militarization. At the local level, our work aims to disrupt and have a direct impact on the interests of those who participate in or are complicit in these systems; whether companies who contribute to and profit from war and occupation or outposts of the American empire and the Canadian state.

Bookmobile Project

06 September 2010
Canada and the United States

"The collective’s mission is to combine artistic production, political activism and community organization.” Its main activity is an annual tour, across Quebec, Canada and the United States, of an exhibition of artists’ books, zines and independent publications in a 50s era Airstream trailer. Various book-making workshops are also offered for free. Each year, a jury selected by the collective choses the books for the collection. The aim of the collective is to distribute alternative documentation and to encourage the creation of networks in the arts and in independent media. Former Bookmobile collections are kept in the Artexte documentation centre in Montreal, where they are accessible to the public. Bookmobile tours were suspended in 2006 for restructuring. Photos of the project can be seen at http://grrrlzines.net/fotos/bookmobile.htm and the archives accessed at http://artexte.ca/coll-mobilivre/mobilivrelinks.htm. Address in the United States: c/o Space 1026, 1026 Arch Street, Philadelphia PA 19107. Email: renseignements@mobilivre.org.

Campement autogéré (Self-managed camp)

03 October 2010

Formerly known as the Campement québécois de la jeunesse (Quebec youth camp), the camp exists on the initiative of a horizontal, organic and non-permanent collective which organizes a camp in a different area of Quebec each summer. The camp is a space of convergence for individuals and social groups as well as a laboratory to experiment with the principles of self-management and self-organization. The event also aims to support networking among activists from all parts of Quebec.

Centre des médias alternatifs du Québec (CMAQ - Quebec alternative media centre)

03 October 2010

Website serving as an outlet for alternative information in Quebec and elsewhere. CMAQ's mission is to promote free information and knowledge with diversity and transparence by providing a democratic space for exchange and reflection. The site spreads alternative information in a decentralized manner on freeware. CMAQ also acts as an independent media centre during anti-capitalist events.


CMAQ is a member of the Indymedia network.

Cohabitat Québec (Co-habitation Quebec)

03 October 2010
Near Quebec City

A co-habitation project initiated in 2004 and still in progress. “We intend to build a bunch of units (houses and apartments) allowing us to create a warm and pleasant neighbourliness. The plan is to build 30 private units within a common space where a collective house and shared green spaces will be located.”

1090 Raymond–Cassegrain, Quebec, G1S 2E4
Telephone: (418) 527-4205
Email: info@cohabitat.ca

Collectif anarchiste L’Accolade de Sherbrooke (The Embrace Anarchist Collective of Sherbrooke)

03 October 2010

A group member of NEFAC (North-Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists), and then of the UCL (Anarchist Communist Union). “The Federation’s activities centre around developing theory, anarchist propaganda and interventions in the struggles of our class.” The work of the Sherbrooke collective addresses several issues, including anarchism in the student context, food autonomy and precarious work.

The collective is currently inactive.

Collectif de Minuit (Midnight collective)

03 October 2010
Laval University Campus, Quebec

A food action group which distributes vegan and organic (when possible) food on a donate-what-you-can basis at Laval University. The objective of the collective is to promote food self-determination in a context in which the administration of Laval is transforming the university community into a market for sale to the highest bidder (Sodexo, Sobays). The collective is defined concretely through action; by offering a daily ecological, economic and social food alternative.

Collectif DIA (DIA Collective)

04 October 2010

Group which intervenes in the cultural and artistic sphere by initiating reflection, projects and actions aimed at enlivening political and community space. The main goal is to encourage cooperation and dialogue among people in different fields as well as stimulate reflection and creativity in response to socio-cultural issues, whether current, local or international. The collective organizes the “AgoraFestif”, Saturdays in the park, a food bank, the diapason project, and a cooperative housing project.

Collectif La Nuit (The Night Collective)

04 October 2010
Downtown Quebec

Formerly known as the Émile Henri anarchist group, the anarchist Collectif La Nuit is a political organization which has been active in Quebec since 2002. The members of the collective agitate for combative social movements and the emergence of a broad and open anarchist left. The group organizes diverse actions, supports social struggles and spreads anarchist ideas. Since fall 2007, la Nuit has produced Voix de faits (literally “voice of facts” but it sounds similar to “voie de fait”, the charge of assault under the criminal code), an anarchist news show on CKIA 88.3 FM, and a blog of the same name.

Since November 2008, the collective has been affiliated with the Union communiste libertaire (UCL – Union of anarchist communists). The collective is mandated to edit Cause commune, UCL’s publication. The UCL organizes talks and other public events, develops action campaigns and is involved in social struggles.

PO Box 55051, St-Valliers W.
Quebec  (Quebec)  G1K 1J0

Collectif La RueBrique (RueBrique Collective)

04 October 2010
South-west of Montreal

La RuBrique ('brick street', but a pun on 'rubrique', a column) is a collective which produces a publication by the same name 3 or 4 times a year. It was previously known as the Comité de quartier sud-ouest (South-west district committee). RueBrique aims to distribute credible information, from an anarchist perspective, on issues of importance to the neighbourhoods of Montreal's south-west in order to encourage people to get involved in their neighbourhoods. In collaboration with other groups, the collective also participates in various local struggles.

Collectif opposé à la brutalité policière (COBP - Collective opposed to police brutality)

04 October 2010
Mostly Montreal

COBP fights all forms of police brutality by organizing workshops (know your rights, etc.), by offering support to victims of police abuse, and by organizing the annual March 15th protest (on the International Day against Police Brutality) and other protests. COBP publishes its own newspaper, the “Agent provacateur” and distributes free information on our rights. The Collective also does “cop-watch” – observing the police in the exercise of the abuse of its functions.


Collectif pour une université libre (CUL) (Collective for a free university)

04 October 2010
University of Sherbrooke

Collective without a formal basis of affinity. Prepares and serves organic, vegetarian food (almost always) once a week at the University of Sherbrooke. Other activities have also been organized such as readings of engaged poetry and participation in various information tables.

The collective is inactive, but a cooperative café was opened.

Comité de quartier Est (East district committee)

05 October 2010
Montreal's Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district

Collective which aimed at getting people involved in order to develop neighbourhood self-management: “It isn’t enough to keep an eye on power, we must exercise it.” The main activities of the group included staffing the committee’s offices, editing a newspaper (Le mégaphone), organizing benefits, maintaining a skills and services exchange network and a second-hand clothing store. The group closed down in 2001 because the costs of maintaining the space was too high.

The group existed from fall 1999 to summer 2001.

For questions or information: glp@no-log.org

Comité de soutien aux prisonniers politiques basques (Basque political prisoners support committee)

05 October 2010

A member of Solidarity across Borders, this group defended Gorka and Eduardo in particular and Basque political prisoners in general and denounced torture and Canadian immigration policies. The committee organized vigils at the exits of metro stations and the courthouse, two benefit concerts, protests, information-tables and talks in CEGEPs and universities, as well as theatrical readings. It also did direct actions such as dropping banners on overpasses.

The group existed from 2001 to 2005.

Comité des sans emploi Montréal-Centre (Montreal-Centre Unemployed People's Committee)

05 October 2010
Montreal's centre-south district

Political collective mainly focused on defending rights. It has organized and participated in many actions with specific demands, related to poverty, women, housing and even international (the case of Abu Jamal) and national issues (with OCAP in Ontario). The collective also organizes public assemblies, education campaigns, etc. It has also produced mass circulation newspapers for the neighbourhood, stickers, flyers, etc.

Contacts: comitedessansemploi@hotmail.com

Comité Mexique-Montréal (Mexico-Montreal Committee)

05 October 2010
Montreal with links to Mexico

Le Comité Mexique-Montréal promotes solidarity and mutual aid between non-indigenous and indigenous activists in both Montreal and Mexico. This strengthening of solidarity between communities of resistance in Mexico and Montreal happens through various rebellious activities and political and social projects such as organizing a demonstration, political education, practical collaboration, and direct exchanges among activists.

Coopérative de solidarité les Irréductibles (Café de la Petite Gaule) (The Indominatables Solidarity Cooperative (Little Gauloise Café))

16 October 2010
Point St. Charles, Montreal

The Café tried to "create a space for democratising both the political and social aspects of culture", particularly through the re-appropriation of the neighbourhood by its residents. It provided a warm and friendly atmosphere, bridging cultural and socio-political issues. It was a space for encounter, debate, information-sharing and solidarity; a space of resistance, a hub of emancipation and challenge to economic globalization. Activities included film screenings, discussions, round tables, diverse shows at affordable prices and dinners.

The Coopérative de solidarité Les Irréductibles was dissolved and Café la Petite Gaule closed in 2005, after two and a half years of continual activity. However, its charter is still in force, ready for an eventual relaunch.  

Dada a faim! (Dada is hungry!)

06 September 2010
St-Rock and sometimes other central neighbourhoods of Quebec City

Affinity group which prepared recuperated food. The prepared food was served during solidarity actions and activist events. Dada a faim also organized an evening against patriarchy and another action: the night, women without fear. The collective existed from 2002 to 2005.

De la Chevrotière Squat

18 October 2010
920 de la Chevrotière St., St-Jean-Baptiste, Quebec

A direct action occupation originally organized by the Comité populaire St-Jean-Baptiste in the context of a FRAPRU campaign. Over time, the occupants decided to transform the squat into a “social centre for different political and community actors. The occupants still demand that the city build social housing, but want this space to be a place for organizing struggle, a self-managed space.” The initiative gave birth to La Page Noire, a self-managed social bookstore.


The squat lasted from 17 May to 20 September 2001.

DIRA (Documentation, Information, References and Alternatives)

16 October 2010

DIRA was founded to encourage a critical spirit, countering the disinformation that misrepresents anarchist thought. It is an independent, free library disseminating anarchist ideas and containing many kinds of documents on different issues. The space also serves as a free location for meetings and discussions.

2035, St. Laurent Blvd., 3rd floor. St-Laurent metro, Montreal
Telephone: (514) 843-2018

MONDAY: 1pm to 5pm
TUESDAY: 2pm to 5pm
FRIDAY & SATURDAY: 2pm to 5pm
SUNDAY: 2pm to 6pm

Écovillage en Outaouais (Outaouais Ecovillage)

27 September 2010
St-André-Avelin (Outaouais)

Project to set up a land trust and build an eco-village at St-André-Avelin (Outaouais). The aim is to create a viable model community which protects the environment and respects living beings. In the long-term, it aims to become economically viable and enable its participants to flourish as individuals and as a collective.

The project was formerly called "Projet Écovillage 2006".

Festival perpétuel (Perpetual Festival)

16 October 2010

"A perpetual festival is a network of individuals who, every once and a while, decide to open their place to everyone interested (capacity permitting) and offer diverse, free activities that each host decides upon. (…) The only criteria to participate in the festival is that the event be free of charge, legal, residential and non-promotional. Among other things, it is an opportunity to experiment with different kinds of community and cultural relations in the urban context.”

The project existed between 2003 and 2005.


17 October 2010
Montreal, but does shows elsewhere

Genr’Radical is a music collective with four members (two guitars, one bass, one violincello and four voices) which is, first and foremost, politically engaged. Their songs – composed, written and arranged by the group – engage with various issues related to their main political orientations. Gen’Radical produced an album in January 2004 and has appeared on different stages in support of activist struggles, here and elsewhere.

Guerre à la guerre (War against war)

06 September 2010

Guerre à la guerre evolved from a coalition of groups to a network of individuals. As its name implies, the collective is opposed to war in general and specifically to the militarization of Canada and sending troops from Valcartier to Afghanistan. Guerre à la guerre has organized several protests and workshops in Quebec City and participated in different actions in other parts of Quebec.

Homes Not Bombs - Montreal

16 October 2010
Montreal, but chapters exist in other parts of the world

“The name Homes not Bombs sums up our basic principle: society should support life, not death. (…) In a way, poverty is a form of violence, and its form of expression is hunger.” On this basis, the collective recuperates food, cooks it and offers free, vegan food during activist events, protests, street festivals, etc, as well as to people living in the streets. Part of the global Food not Bombs movement.

Hommes contre le patriarcat (Men against Patriarchy)

17 October 2010

Hommes contre le patriarcat is a pro-feminist, radical affinity group which recognizes that the feminist struggle is a class struggle and a struggle for the freedom of women and thus accepts that it  belongs entirely to women. The collective supports feminist activists, specifically by addressing men. Its main aim is to quell masculinist groups, but it also tries to bring radical change to their so-called private lives, attempting to eliminate sexism and patriarchy in their behaviours and attitudes.

Initiative Île sans fil (ISF) (Wireless Island Initiative)

17 October 2010
Island of Montreal, as well as the North and South Shores

The main goal of this group is to make local internet access more accessible. ISF is currently installing and creating wireless access point software and is working on a roof-to-roof, high speed communication infrastructure open to all. It also spreads artistic content. ISF believes that all the infrastructure necessary to carry out these projects can be developed, financed and maintained by and for the community.

Contacts: info@ilesansfil.org

Institute for Anarchist Studies

06 September 2010

Decentralized research institute across Canada and the United States which provides research grants to radical authors around the world. The institute also publishes the journal “Perspectives on Anarchist Theory” and organizes an annual conference, “Renewing the Anarchist Tradition (RAT)”. These initiatives aim at understanding and realizing anarchism while cultivating a sense of community.

Koumbit network

17 October 2010
Island of Montreal, but also works in the rest of Canada

Koumbit encourages Quebec community groups to adopt free and open source software by developing a collective platform and by providing support for the use of freeware. It acts as an information and communications technology consultant and offers web hosting. It also educates the community sector about open source software.

6833 de l'Épée Ave., Suite 308
Montreal (Quebec)  H3N 2C7
Tel.: (514) 387-6262
Fax: (514) 387-6262

La Goupille (Lynch Pin)

17 October 2010

A collective with brings together artists, friends and all who feel a need for change at the cultural level. La Goupille is a platform for the cultural promotion of emerging, independent arts (dance, theatre, music and more). It organizes events and concerts and provides artists with an internet site where they can post and express themselves.

La journée autogérée (Autonomous Day)

06 September 2010
Quebec City

La Journée autogérée existed from 2003 to 2006, taking back, in its first three years, the “Îlot Fleurie” in Quebec City, which was the site of a symbolic rally during the Summit of the Americas in 2001. The goal of this day was to create a space to share different collective experiences and discuss modes of autonomous organizing. Dinner was prepared collectively and shows took place in the evening. An Autonomous Day was also organized in 2009.

La Mauvaise herbe (The Weed)

17 October 2010

La Maivaise herbe is a collective which publishes an anarcho-ecologist journal of the same name. The collective also distributes new and used books, brochures about anarchism, radical ecology, de-domestication, indigenous struggles, animal liberation as well as critiques of capitalism, civilization, technology/industry and organizational fetishism. It brings together anarchists from diverse tendencies, thus promoting the diversity that anarchism can (and must!) assume.

La Page Noire (Black Page)

06 September 2010
Quebec City

Autonomous social bookstore which “hopes to offer literature to help develop alternatives to capitalism and the control of the state over our lives. The Page noire combines the services of a library, bookstore and video club.” The purpose of the collective is to manage the library according to principles of autonomy, but the space is also used for other initiatives such as book or magazine launches. The collective also organizes fundraising activities and workshops for discussion.



265 Dorchester St., Quebec City, Quebec, G1K 5Z6

Tel.: 418.977.1955

Email: infopagenoire@yahoo.fr.

La Pointe libertaire (The Anarchist Point)

17 October 2010
Point St. Charles, Montreal

The main aim of this collective is to work in the political field to create a movement towards the self-management of Point St. Charles (a neighbourhood in Montreal) by its residents. To this end, the group writes texts on current or upcoming neighbourhood issues, carries out diverse actions, and proposes projects (such as a social centre on CN rail yards). The collective also works with other anarchist and community groups in the neighbourhood. It was formerly known as La Pointe d’espace libertaire – LAPEL (literally, Point of anarchist space).

Les cuisines collectives de l’UQAM (UQAM collective kitchens)

17 October 2010

This collective prepares vegan food once a week at UQAM, and sometimes for activist events, mostly out of recuperated and organic food. They also distribute recuperated food to people in the neighbourhood when the kitchens aren't working. Their actions are guided by principles of food autonomy, free access to good quality food, and creating community spirit. The collective denounces the waste of capitalism and the intrusion of the private sector into the university.

For more information, contact the Public Interest Research Group (GRIP-UQAM)

Local DS-3159, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
(514) 987-3000 poste 4077

Les Jardins de la résistance (anciennement Action Solidarité Paysanne (ASP)) (Resistance Gardens, formerly Rural Solidarity Action)

17 October 2010

Starting in autumn 2004, this organic collective farming project in the countryside near Huntingdon has changed greatly over the past years, both in its composition and activities. For the first years, its main goals were to allow participants to learn to farm in a self-managed way and to distribute free, quality food.

In autumn 2006, Jardins de la résistance merged with the Récolte solidaire (Solidarity harvest) project, which produced food baskets in part for sale and in part for donation. A new collective, called Jardins de la résistance, formed, with basket production as its main activity.

In the fall of 2008, the group moved to an adjacent area and began to redefine itself as a work cooperative. The Coop les jardins de la résistance was founded in spring 2009 and is now located in Ormstown, south west of Montreal.

Throughout the years, the group has donated vegetables to diverse activist groups, for suppers or protests, as well as to community groups working for food security.

Contacts: 450-370-6782

*See CRAC's monograph on self-managed gardening projects.

Les Sorcières (The Witches)

17 October 2010

Radical feminist collective active against the oppression of women. They publish a journal by the same name which serves as a "space of expression, analysis, creativity and subversity which, from the perspective of struggle, can have an influence across the collectivity (…) to move, transform, create a momentum away from the stagnation into which the mass media attempts to sink us." They also organize launches, workshops, and direct actions. The Sorcières also try to denounce machismo in activist circles and to carry out feminist conscientization.

Liberterre (2003-2006 and 2007)

06 September 2010

Liberterre (literally, freedom-earth) was an eco-anarchist collective for analysis and radical action which published the magazine Terre et Liberté (Land and Freedom), from 2003 to 2006. In 2007, it re-constituted itself as a non-mixed women’s group before dissolving. To its members, Liberterre was born of revolt against the enslavement of nature to the material interests of humans and against the productivist ideology justifying this servitude. “We are the living rage of a dying earth.”


See the monograph produced by CRAC with members of Liberterre.

L’AgitéE (coopérative de solidarité) (Agitated solidarity cooperative)

17 October 2010
Downtown Quebec

Café-bar providing a "cultural space for (…) shows, screenings, and performing arts (improv, theatre, poetry, etc) as well as exhibits of all sorts. The AgitéE cooperative encourages independent artists of all kinds and collaborates with numerous community and social groups to organize events." L'AgitÉe is also, "A space celebrating the values of solidarity and democracy. The place to organize panels, meetings, discussions, benefit shows and other politically engaged and constructive initiatives."

Café-bar L'AgitéE - Coopérative de solidarité
251 Dorchester St. (corner of Prince-Édouard)
Quebec (Quebec)
Telephone: (418) 522-6133

L’Association pour une Solidarité Syndicale Étudiante (ASSÉ) (Association for Student Union Solidarity)

17 October 2010
throughout Quebec

ASSÉ is a union which brings together, across Quebec, CEGEP and university student associations representing more than 40,000 members. It embodies the continuity of the current that has, for the past forty years, made the student movement an unavoidable actor in Quebec society and an important agent of social progress in education. It has struggled for free education at all levels since its foundation.

2570 Nicolet St., #301
Montreal (Quebec) H1W 3L5
Telephone : (514) 390-0110

Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm
**Please contact us before dropping by.


17 October 2010

Radical feminist affinity group which aimed to unlearn attitudes and behaviours of internalized domination, to put anarchist and feminist beliefs into practice, to encourage the creation of affinity groups and direct action. This collective gave numerous trainings on "Women and globalization" and "Radical nonviolence". Nemesis also organized and participated in many actions with other feminist groups.  

Founded in 2000 as the Women's committee of SalAMI, it assumed its new name in 2002 when it became an autonomous collective. It ceased to exist in 2005.

No One Is Illegal - Montreal

18 October 2010
Montreal, but there are other No One Is Illegal groups elsewhere (Toronto, Vancouver, etc)

NOII is part of a global movement of resistance struggling collectively for the self-determination of migrants and indigenous people. The collective organizes workshops, presentations, discussions and does popular education work around immigration, emigration, borders, and the struggles of migrants and indigenous people. NOII has a radio show and news bulletin. They also organize direct actions against deportations and detentions, racial profiling, war and capitalist imperialism as well as support people who are directly affected.


Email: noii-montreal@resist.ca

Optative Theatrical Laboratories

24 April 2007
Montreal-based, travels throughout North America

Drama collective inspired by situationist philosophy and reflectionist theory which aims to theatrically challenge hegemonic thinking and oppressive systems through various techniques: culture-jamming, Viral Theatre, and Global Invisible Theatre, to name a few. It makes use of different mediums in an inter-disciplinary manner. Optative Theatrical Laboratories was created 1999 and is still based in Montreal, although it travels around North America.


Email: optatif@excite.com

Overdale Squat

18 October 2010

Squat which took place in Montreal from 27 July to 1 August 2001. Initially intended as a symbolic action to denounce the housing crisis and private property in the housing sector. The squat was really focused on survival, and there was thus a lot of emphasis on security and surveillance, but the building was also fixed up, food was found and prepared, etc.

Pink Panthers - Montreal chapter

17 October 2010
Montreal and surrounding areas

Radical queer affinity group which fights heterosexism and pink capitalism through festive and bizarre direct actions, workshops, DJ film nights, artistic production of all kinds (clothing, video, design), etc. The struggle is also carried out by connecting with other sex and gender rebels (transgenders, prostitutes and others), as well as people who challenge the advertising industry, the church, psychiatry, ultra-capitalism and so on.

Préfontaine Squat

18 October 2010

Following the Overdale squat, this squat at 3100 Rachel, Montreal lasted from 1 August to 3 October 2001. During the final month, the aim was to maintain a place to live but also to create a self-managed social and cultural centre (show room, invite groups to hold meetings there, have staff, etc). People in the squat did a tour of the neighbourhood, organized two neighbourhood parties, had outside political film screenings in the evenings and more.

Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie (PASC) (Colombia Solidarity Accompaniment Project)

18 October 2010
Community accompaniment in Colombia, public activities in Quebec and a bit in Ontario

PASC is a Montreal-based collective which is developing a direct solidarity network with rural Colombian communities using civil resistance to fight for their rights to self-determination, life and land. Concretely, this direct solidarity takes the form of sending international accompaniers to lend political support to communities, carrying out popular education and participating in urgent actions in response to human rights violations.


Contacts: 514-966-8421


26 August 2010
Montreal, QC

Q-Team is a radical queer collective whose work focuses on creating anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and anti-assimilationist queer spaces and events in Montreal.

Rassemblement des artistes très sensibilisés (RATS) (Gathering of very sensitized artists)

06 September 2010
Faculty of Arts, UQAM, Montréal

RATS is an art collective which aims to add colour to student, environmental and anti-war demonstrations as well as sensitize arts students at UQAM to these issues. “En-RAT-ged, irreverant, creative. We seek to reconcile classic activism with urban poetic guerilla actions in a context of imminent social change.” Contacts: 514-987-3000 ex 2630, room J-M891 at l’UQAM. Email: les_rats_@hotmail.com.

Reclaim the Streets!

18 October 2010
Downtown Quebec

Collective creation and fiesta organized by all and for everyone in one day. "A spontaneous and enthusiastic happening that opens up new social environments. An event for citizens to reappropriate urban space. An opportunity to express the power that we have, collectively, and to change the world in our way. (…) A temporary autonomous zone where everything is allowed, because social rules have been breached. A clandestine, non-legal but completely legitimate gathering!"


Email: reclametarue@resist.ca

Réseau Anarchiste en Milieu Étudiant (RAME) (Anarchist Network in the Student Milieu)

18 October 2010
Mainly the Montreal area, but also other parts of Quebec.

RAME strove to "unite anarchist forces in the student milieu through a visible, formal and regular network. In the medium term, RAMÉ aims to set up local groups in order to become a network of groups.” RAMÉ produced propaganda and did conscientization work by organizing activities (workshops and panels) and publishing a bilingual bulletin "Marmite" or “The Boiling Point”. It also tried to "contribute to establishing anarchist practices".


RAME has been defunkt since 2007.

RoCoCo BarCamp of Montreal

06 September 2010

A three-day, North American gathering on the themes of collaboration, creativity and autonomy which took place in May 2007 - a Montreal version of Portland’s RecentChangesCamp. This BarCamp was organized according to the OpenForum method, based on setting the agenda collaboratively. Different workshops running in parallel dealt with such topics as: the wiki as a technology of self-organization, collaborative cinema, spaces of co-working, women and freeware, collaborative sites, etc. This event launched more than ten other projects.


For more information, contact Anne at anne@koumbit.org.

Solidarity across Borders (SAB)

18 October 2010

Solidarity across Borders (SAB) is a network of immigrants, refugees, groups and allies which organizes protests, public campaigns, community dinners, distributes a journal, does popular education, defends the rights of its members and offers support to immigrants and refugees. The group has four central demands: 1) the regularization of all non-status people; 2) an end to deportation; 3) an end to the detention of migrants, immigrants and refugees; and 4) the abolition of security certificates.


Contacts: (514) 848-7583

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC Canada)

18 October 2010
Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa

As its name indicates, the main aim of SHAC is to close the Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory, because it does tests and experiments on animals. To this end, SHAC targets the lab's business clients around the world. SHAC organizes information tables, protests in front of these companies as well as home demos.

PO 47579, 1550 rue de Maisonneuve
Montreal  (Québec)  H3G 2V7
Telephone: (514) 432-1666
Email: shaccanada@riseup.net

Touski (Work Cooperative)

18 October 2010
South-Central Montreal

The aim of Touski is to offer affordable, quality meals as well as a meeting place for residents, workers and, above all, families in the neighbourhood, providing an informal and welcoming space which breaks isolation and encourages local social movement. It hosts exhibits, shows, theatre, music, citizen meetings and family parties. It is also offers a space for meetings and distributes alternative journals.

2361 Ontario St. East
Montreal  (Quebec)  H2K 1W2
Telephone: (514) 524-3113
Email: info@touski.org

Union communiste libertaire (UCL) (Union of Anarchist Communists)

18 October 2010
Montreal, Quebec and Saguenay

L'Union communiste libertaire (UCL) (Union of Anarchist Communists) was founded in November 2008. The new revolutionary organization took over from the regional union of NEFAC Quebec.

UCL is an organization of activists from diverse resistance movements who identify with the communist tradition within anarchism and share the objective of a revolutionary rupture with the established order. UCL’s activities are organized around developing theory, spreading anarchist ideas, and contributing to the struggles of our class, both autonomously and through direct involvement in social movements. UCL publishes Cause Commune (Common Cause).

On the theoretical level, UCL is aligned with anarchist communist principles and draws on the theoretical basis of this specific tradition. On the tactical level, we prioritize involvement in social struggles according to the radicalization of social movements and building counter-power.

Local collectives exist in Quebec (La Nuit), Montreal and Saguenay.  

UCL a/s E.H. 55051, CP Langelier  
Quebec (Québec) G1K 9A4
Email: ucl@causecommune.net

Vichama Collective

18 October 2010
Mainly Montreal, but other parts of Quebec as well

Art collective which works on different community arts projects. It produces collective creations with people from different community groups and groups rooted in communities. The collective also organizes political art projects such as performances for protests or during other events. Vichama offers trainings and workshops to share artistic tools and working methods.

We/Nous Collective

05 October 2010

Theatre collective which brings together anarchist activists from various perspectives who want to get involved in a different way, through artistic expression. Mainly known for its play on Emma Goldman, the collective participated in every step of production: from research on writings and set conception to promotion and staging. The collective encourages reflection on activism, the place of art in our society and of subjectivity in history.

Zone ouverte de mobilisation pour briser les injustices et exclusions (ZOMBIE) (Open Zone for Mobilisation to Break Injustice and Exclusion)

18 October 2010

ZOMBIE is an independent website to share ideas and exchange information. “ZOMBIE encourages discussion, reflection, critical analysis, as well as activism, direct action and concrete social initiatives for the advance of humanity.” It is an alternative media for open publication of content;  specifically, texts with information and analysis, events announcements and links to other sites. ZOMBIE encourages critical discussion of its content through discussion forums linked to each article.